What is automotive engineering?

Automotive technology can also be mentioned as “automobile engineering”.

during this article, we explore what an engineer does, the steps you’ll fancy pursuing this career path, and the commonest jobs within the automotive technology industry.

What do automotive engineers do?

Common duties of an engineer include:

  • Preparing design specifications

Using computerized models to work out the behavior and efficiency of a vehicle

  • Investigating instances of product failure
  • Assessing the security and environmental components of an automotive project
  • Creating plans and drawings for brand spanking new vehicle products

Automobile engineers may prefer to concentrate on a selected sector of this field, like hydraulics, aerodynamics, or control systems. the assembly of an automobile often involves a team of automotive engineers who each concentrate on a specific section of vehicular engineering instead of only one engineer working alone. The work of those engineers is usually weakened into three components: design, research and development, and production.


What skills are needed to figure within the automotive technology field?

To be a successful engineer, you’ll need a variety of both hard and soft skills. These include:

Data analysis skills

Automotive engineers are liable for performing and analyzing various automobile tests. These professionals must be ready to efficiently and effectively read and interpret data to enhance vehicle performance and production.

Problem-solving skills

Engineers within the automotive industry must be ready to think creatively and originally to unravel specific vehicle-related problems and make new solutions.

Technical skills

Automobile engineers must have a spread of technical skills associated with this industry, including strong working knowledge of automobile maintenance and performance.

Commercial awareness

These professionals must stay au courant industry trends also because of the latest in automobile technology and regulations.

Teamwork skills

This needs professionals to possess strong teamwork skills and skills to effectively work with other individuals on a day today.

What you would like to understand about automotive engineering?

Almost like other sorts of mechanical engineers, automotive engineers analyze potential problems in design and work to unravel those problems, design and retest prototypes of cars and car parts, and oversee the manufacturing of automobiles.

How Do I add Automotive Engineering?


A baccalaureate program in automotive engineering or engineering can include topics in basic engineering principles and automotive technology. Prior experience in advanced engineering math and previous training within the field will presumably be needed to enter an on-campus or online academic degree program in automotive technology.

In an academic degree program in automotive technology, you’ll study the influences on human behavior while learning about auto systems and engine gears and parts. you would possibly also complete a final project or participate in an internship. In choosing your program, you would possibly want to offer special consideration to those approved by ABET, which may assist you to qualify for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam.


According to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, although not always required to get an edge as an engineer, a designation as a knowledgeable engineer may assist you to become more competitive within the job market. A PE license can also open the door to a better salary, as reported by the organization.

Automotive engineering may be a specialization of engineering and incorporates the weather of safety, mechanical, and EE within the design and manufacturing of automobiles. While the automotive technology field is related to a variety of career options, you will need a minimum of a baccalaureate in automotive or engineering, automotive engineering, or a related field, like electrical or manufacturing engineering, to urge started. academic degree programs in automotive technology also are available.

As an engineer, you’ll be involved in trucks and cars’ overall design, or concentrate on vehicle electronics, manufacturing, materials, or power systems. you’ll also design automotive components and systems, like brakes and fuel systems, or test auto parts for durability and performance.

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