Find out how your clothes will be in the office.

It is not appropriate to wear anything too expensive in the office. In a word – you can’t wear any kind of clothes to the office. Because office wear should be tasteful and elegant. If there is a party outside of everyday clothes, the clothes will change. If you organize the collection of clothes in this way, there will be no more thoughts about office clothes.

In my student life, formal wear may have meant weddings or other formal wear. But the matter of office is completely different. Before joining the work, I want to prepare a little about the clothes. Nowadays in many offices, the value of fusion clothing has also increased. Tops, Kurtis, jeans, fatuous and other clothes have increased in this list.

Now the question is, how is it possible for a woman to collect the number of materials and accessories required for a perfect outfit for a day? Surely he wastes enough time on this. You have to pay a lot of money every day. But all such questions are ignored by the beauty worshipers. They complete the necessary shopping in one day despite their busy schedules.

Again set each day of the week separately. The arrangement for office meeting days is slightly different from other days. Even the whole look changes. One day she wears a saree and the other day she wears a three-piece. You can wear a business suit again on the meeting day. This difference in clothing depends on the importance of the day’s work.

Every day before going to the office, many people suffer from indecisiveness about which clothes to wear, which look will suit, and how the outfit will be. How to add a touch of uniqueness to the outfit to get the right look. Because beautifully presenting your taste and personality is the key here. Those engaged in modern corporate jobs feel more comfortable in business suits.

Any color from light to dark is suitable for spring days. There is a touch of blue in the monsoons. Apart from this other dark colors will prevail. Everyone is a little liberal in the autumn-winter clothing style. As there is no heat, one does not think much about the fabric of the clothes. However, care should be taken not to lose your sense of comfort while bringing the corporate look. So keep four-five sets of favorite clothes in your collection for this week keeping in mind what clothes you like and what clothes you feel comfortable in.

The fashion consultant of fashion house Armadio said, ‘The idea of a salwar-kameez veil set for girls is no longer in vogue. Various tops, shirts, or kurtas with leggings or pants are popular now. And there is a lot of variety in boys’ shirts now. Semi-casual blazers are also quite attractive.

It is not appropriate to wear something too expensive in the office. For example, leggings should be solid color instead of printed. It will not always be black. But if someone wears printed leggings but wears a kurta or shirt then it is monochromatic. A plain long shirt can be worn with a printed palazzo. Stretch pants are also quite comfortable in the office. Farhin thinks it is good to have some clothes in the collection. They are black fitted pants, which can be made of linen or cotton. Boot cut or pressed – both styles can work with pants. If the pants are boot cut, the top can be shorter. And you can wear a long kurta or shirt with pressed pants.

Boys want to have several shirts of several colors. Formal shoes, tie – these are also wanted. Younger men are now wearing slim-style ties. Have a blazer and khaki, and black and dark blue pants. If you organize your collection of clothes in this way, you won’t have to worry about what to wear every day. And if there is an office party, girls can safely wear cotton jamdani sarees. Desi silk and handloom sarees are also good. But the blouse should be plain style and not too revealing. Farhin thinks that jumpsuits and long frocks are not appropriate to wear in the office.

A short jacket or shrug, however, is good to have in the collection. Can be worn with any outfit. Don’t overdo the office look when it comes to makeup. The natural look is perfect for the office. You can take a light moisture-based foundation as a base in harmony with the skin tone. Then add loose dust powder. It will set the makeup well. The face will also look very fresh.

The no-makeup look should come after the makeup is done. However, black or dark spots on the skin will be covered. The eye kajal should be given as desired. Apart from black, many people are choosing brown-colored kajal these days. You can apply eyeliner along the eyelids, but it is better not to apply eyeshadow while going to the office. Light lipstick on the lips will not look bad. As the season is dry, bright glossy will be good.

Hearing all these suggestions, does it seem that office life will become completely dull? Not only that, there is no dearth of fashionable clothes now. Office attire should be formal but never boring. Until recently, there was not much variety in Western-style formal wear. But now the situation has changed. Apart from girls’ native clothes, western-style clothing stores also offer girls’ shirts, pants, blazers, etc. Westex, Cat’s Eye, Yellow, Urban Truth, La Rive, Sailor, Noir, Amber – you will find these fashion houses. However, since there are two types of clothes, casual and formal, you have to find the right one.

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