How To Get a Credit Card

Many banks and financial service providers in Bangladesh are currently providing Mastercard services. Let’s determine what’s a MasterCard, what percentage sorts of credit cards, the way to get a Mastercard, Mastercard costs, etc.

What is a credit card?
A MasterCard is essentially a chip-based plastic card (usually) that contains the MasterCard holder’s name, MasterCard number, expiration date, CVV, MasterCard holder’s signature, and customer care center details.
Credit cards basically make sure the convenience of the cardholder to spend money. When a user uses a Mastercard to form a payment, the cash isn’t deducted from the savings/accounting. Instead, the cash spent is given to you by the bank or card issuing company for the remainder of the transaction.
In other words, the function of the MasterCard is to supply the remainder of the transaction facility to the users. Each Mastercard features a pre-determined credit limit. this suggests that after a particular amount of transactions, money can not be spent on credit cards. It is often used again after paying the Mastercard bill. Usually, one month’s MasterCard bill has got to be paid at some point within the next month.

The difference between credit, debit, and prepaid cards

Credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards – these three cards have different principles. Let’s determine the difference between credit, debit, and prepaid cards.
The use of debit cards is far easier to know. Debit cards allow you to form transactions using money kept in your checking account. If you are doing not have enough money in your checking account, you’ll not be ready to transact with an open-end credit.
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On the opposite hand, credit cards keep separate accounts for your transactions and permit you to use them as balances or loans. Money spent with a Mastercard is then repaid to the cardboard issuing bank or institution.
Prepaid cards are very different from the opposite two cards. Prepaid cards are basically a money deposit beforehand surely work expenses. Prepaid cards are mainly wont to avoid the danger of overspending. Prepaid cards like credit and debit cards are often utilized in most cases.

What is a world credit card?
A single currency MasterCard issued by your bank won’t work outside the country albeit it works within the country. this needs a world MasterCard. These are usually dual-currency credit cards. it’s Bangladeshi taka and US dollar as its currency (two currencies in total). However, in Bangkok, you’ll also take Euro or other currencies as currency.
When you apply for a daily MasterCard, you’ll notify the concerned bank or card service representative and that they will apply for a world card. However, if you would like to spend foreign currency like dollars, you want to first endorse a particular amount of dollars in your MasterCard through your passport.
International Mastercard or International Mastercard is accepted in most countries on the planet . a world Mastercard makes it easier for you to travel abroad.

Advantages and drawbacks of credit cards
Credit cards have many benefits. a number of the many benefits of credit cards are:
you do not need to attend anyone for money to shop for something expensive directly
Using a MasterCard is safer than employing an open-end credit or check. Because if any inconsistency is found within the payment gateway or merchant service, refunds are often easily requested within the MasterCard.
In the case of credit cards, then is out there at very low interest, often at zero percent interest
In the case of Mastercard expenses, it’s possible to earn income from expenses through various offers
If you are feeling the burden of using the cardboard, there’s a chance to vary the sort of card
Shopping employing a Mastercard and paying bills on time can help increase the credit cardholder’s bank eligibility index or CIB record.
Reward points also are available in many cases when shopping employing a MasterCard

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In the midst of numerous benefits, there are some downsides to credit cards. a number of the potential disadvantages of credit cards are:
Ease of shopping may increase the tendency to spend unnecessarily, which can end in unnecessary financial instability.
Failure to pay MasterCard bills on time may end in higher interest charges.
Whether or to not use a Mastercard, it’s mandatory to pay the applicable annual fee for the Mastercard

Eligibility to urge a MasterCard
Who can get a MasterCard – many of us question this. Eligibility to urge a MasterCard is extremely common in Bangladesh.
Only employees, businessmen, or other professionals who have an Income and Valid Tax number (TIN) can apply for a MasterCard. In other words, the eligibility to urge a MasterCard is:
National card
TIN certificate
Appointment letter or salary certificate and three months statement just in case of employee
Trade License in Business, Memorandum of Association 3 Month Bank Transaction Statement
In addition, if you’ve got a hard and fast deposit with a bank, if they agree, you’ll apply for a Mastercard thereupon bank. The bank or card service provider will decide after analyzing your information about the credit limit of your MasterCard.

How do I buy a credit card?
If you would like to urge a MasterCard, first confirm you’ve got the required things to notice to urge a MasterCard. If you’re eligible to urge a Mastercard, you’ll easily apply for a Mastercard.
To get a Mastercard from a bank or financial service provider (such as LankaBangla Finance) they have to contact a representative of the Mastercard department. The Mastercard department will then notify you of subsequent steps after submitting your source of income, monthly income, etc.


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