How to keep flowers fresh in a vase for a long time.

Who does not love to decorate the house with flowers? And so different types of flowers are placed in vases. By placing fresh flowers in a vase on the table, next to the window of the room, the beauty of the room increases, and the room is filled with fragrance.

The beautiful smell of flowers not only changes the atmosphere of the house but also keeps the mind happy. But the problem is that fresh flowers dry up within a couple of days after they are bought from the market. How to keep flowers fresh for a long time? Learn some simple tips.

* Arranged flowers with water in the vase. Don’t be too sure here. Spray the flowers in the vase with water occasionally. It will keep the freshness of flowers for a long time. It will not spoil easily.

* Never cut flower stems too short. Cut at a 45-degree angle when cutting the stem. Then the flowers will stay fresh for a long time.

* You can mix a small amount of salt in the water that you keep while keeping the flowers in the vase. It will keep the flowers fresh for quite some time.

* The part of the stem of the flower which will be immersed in the water of the vase, should not have any leaves. If there are leaves in the water in the vase, the flowers rot quickly.

* Many people like to decorate vases with colorful roses. To keep roses fresh in summer, be careful not to submerge the entire stem. Again, do not cut the stem too short when potting. If the stem gets enough water, the rose flower will stay fresh. The aroma will spread.

* Cut the leaves with the flowers that you are placing in the vase. Flowers are better if kept without leaves.

* You can also mix tea leaves or a few drops of lemon juice in a vase of water. You can also mix a spoonful of glucose in water. Flowers will remain fresh for several days.

* Don’t put too many flowers in small vases. Without enough water, flowers dry up quickly. Again, don’t use too big vases. Choose the vase according to the number of flowers.

* Arrange the flowers directly in the vase with cold water. Boiling water destroys flowers quickly. Cold water in summer will keep the flowers fresh. You can also use water at a normal temperature.

* Place the vase in a place where sunlight reaches. Flowers will be better if placed in a place where there is light and air. The flowers will stay fresh for at least a week.

* Change the water in the vase every two days. It will keep the flowers fresh for a long time.

* Buy by looking at flower buds. A fully bloomed flower will not stay fresh for long even if placed in a vase.

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