How do build a small house?

No matter how big or small the house is, it is a world of our own. And we all want that house to be beautiful and peaceful. Only Bengalis love peace. We have endless efforts to live happily and beautifully on a piece of land under the sky. It is said that there is no place like home or happiness like home. And so our best thoughts revolve around that room. There is an attempt to arrange it by stealth. Bring out your personality with effort and ability. But often modern flats are much smaller. Therefore, to be honest, we have some thoughts about the extent of this small room.

We are very much used to small flats these days. But there is no end to our worries about the interior decoration of that small house. We still think about where to put the furniture in the house of love, what kind of furniture to buy to make the room look good, what color is good for the walls, what to buy for decorating the house, etc. After all, we are all thinking about how to decorate this small room more intelligently to make it look a little bigger. We often get lost in the multitude of such questions.

Choice, demand, taste, and ability, combining these four things, how to decorate a small flat like your own world, today we will talk about those things.

Movement of light and air
The matter of light and air is necessary not only for small rooms but also for large flats. Proper circulation of light and air ensures good health in an indoor environment. The suffocating feeling is no more. It is better to use light-colored curtains on the way to let in light and air. And heavy furniture should never be placed in these places. Sometimes the indoor environment is not healthy with only a fan or AC air. So, first of all, take care of the light and air movement. It also keeps your mind happy.

A saying we often hear is that the condition of a person’s kitchen and bathroom, these 2 places, can give an idea of ​​his taste and cleanliness. Sorting is a matter of taste. But cleanliness should never be neglected. Especially with small flats, it’s never a good idea to skimp on them. There is no alternative to cleaning not only the bathroom or the kitchen but also the whole house to ensure good health.

Color manipulation
In the case of small flats, the colors of walls or furniture cover a wide range. Make sure that the color of the furniture is light. There is no more suffocation. If you live in a small room, you will tolerate everything. This meditation should now come out of the concept. Try using something bright as a wall color. Sunlight will reflect that color throughout the room creating a unique atmosphere.

Variations and sizes in furniture
Bring variety to the furniture. Do not buy all furniture of the same height. Smaller flats will look smaller. So you can try some low-height furniture. The room will look bigger and light and airy will always be there.

Greenery and artificial flowers
Bring life into the home with small plants. It will look lively if green or colorful plants are arranged nicely next to light furniture. Or you can use artificial flowers. It will make your room colorful. Liveliness and freshness are the most important elements in decorating a small room.

Use of floor tiles
It is better to use tiles of different patterns to decorate large flats. But white-colored tiles are best for small rooms. White tiles add brightness to the room and make the room look bigger. Although white tiles get dirty very easily, you can try using other colored tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

Heavy furniture ideas
In small rooms, as little as possible, heavy furniture should be used. Heavy furniture takes up more space, obstructs light and air circulation, and spoils the beauty of the room. It is better to avoid using heavy designs as much as possible. Smaller rooms make the size smaller. So you can make furniture made of iron or Pretext. It will cost less, be more traditional and make the room look larger.

wall decoration
It is better to use white color on the walls of small rooms. White walls along with white tiles will make the room look bigger and look better. You can use different colored wallpaper on the wall to bring variety. And yes, definitely apply the wallpaper lengthwise.

Also, don’t let any habits wear on the wall. Keep it clean at all times. It is better not to put any extra colors or paintings. Otherwise, the small room will look smaller. If you keep any picture frames, also bind them vertically.

Use of artificial light
If there is not enough light in the room, arrange artificial light. Currently, various colors and outdoor lights are available according to the size of the room. Place the lights in the right place in the drawing room. If you want, you can put a lamp in the corner. At night, this small world of yours will be filled with light.

To keep the mirror, not to keep it
Mirrors are very important in small rooms. Try giving one side of the dining or drawing room a full mirror. The size of the room will look huge and the flat will not feel small anymore. Use Thai glass on doors or windows. The cost will be less.

Neat dining and drawing room
First of all, choose the furniture for the drawing room. You can buy rattan chairs or sofas

For Lat. You can also arrange shelves in the corners to keep books. It will look great and express the good taste of the occupant of the house.

If there is no separate dining room, consider placing 4 feet by 3 feet dining table in one corner of the living room. Four people can sit. Chairs should be sleek and slim. It is best to be near a window.


remember the Importance of house color. Before using red or yellow color, take a good look at which goes well with your personality. May every moment of yours be spent in joy and gaiety, in your little room.

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