Find out what to do to solve acne, acne and dryness.

Everyone has their own style of skin care. Many of those who are beauty conscious use morning and afternoon face wash. But when there’s too much makeup, sunscreen, dust, or travel, simple cleansing isn’t always enough. Both men and women need proper care. A proper understanding with the skin gives healthy glowing skin. Or suffer from acne, acne, breakouts for months on end. There is a solution.

Use a well-based cleanser as a cleanser. Especially those that are natural and free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde. The same is done by applying pure coconut oil on a cotton ball and massaging it with light hands. In this way, most makeup, dirt, dust can be removed.
A quick face wash with a mild or minimally chemical cleanser as a double cleanser. The reason for speeding up is that after using coconut oil as a natural cleanser first, the second cleanser contains a little bit of chemicals so that they don’t stay in contact with the face for too long.

It is best if the water is not wiped off with a towel or tissue after washing the face. That is, give the time required to dry the water on the face. That is called air dry. It is especially effective for those with dry skin.

Those who have acne, pimples, dryness on their skin, when cleaning the face, if there is baby hair in those places or on the forehead or the places where the hair is coated with the face, it is important to clean and wet them at the same time. Because facial hair is also associated with facial hair. Sweat, oil, makeup accumulate in them.

Keeping everything that comes in contact with the mouth clean. Pillows, windows, makeup brushes and mobile screens should also be kept clean. It will protect the skin from infection. The skin will be protected.

A good cleanser for the skin should not be limited to one, but two to three should be rotated regularly if possible. Otherwise the skin will get used to only one. Also, focus on eating the right nutrients. Avoid eating too much canned food, sugar, oily food. Because internal cleansing of the body also plays a big role in skin care. After returning home, take ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and gently rub it on the face. Sunscreen can also burn the skin. Rubbing some ice on the skin after coming back from the sun will also relieve the irritation and burn and reduce the redness and rash of the skin.

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