Features of credit cards and benefits of use

Cash transactions are not a jerk. Restaurant bills, rail reservations, aircraft tickets, online shopping- almost all of these can be cured by credit card. The biggest thing is, shopping is on, even if the money is not in the pocket. Only if the sapphire is a credit card. Suddenly there was a need for money in danger, but the credit card became difficult. As a result, the benefits of credit cards cannot be counted.

Credit card features and benefits of use–


There is no need to rotate with a bundle of money in the pocket. The result is safe.

Suddenly in danger:

If there is a need for any danger or sudden illness, the credit card comes in great use.

Quick Transaction:

There is a chance to buy it even if it is not at hand. Let’s say someone wants to buy something very expensive. But not so much money together. No one is lending to anyone. In all these cases the credit card is the most useful. This can be purchased for a few months by buying the product. The debt burden is not too much. In this case, you have to use your own judgment. The price must be paid according to the deadline. Otherwise, the fine or interest may be calculated.


Can be used only 7 days a year. If you can borrow within a certain time, there is no jerk in interest.

If stolen or fraud:

Debit cards or checks are also more convenient than use. If the card has a mistake or if there is a fraud or theft, then the entire money is returned. Let’s say the card was stolen. Someone took the money. In all these cases, the card provider is obliged to return the full money if the complaint is made with proper evidence. In this case, a small precaution must be taken. Remember the card PIN number.

Loan facility:

The bank often proposes to provide a personal loan on a credit card. This lending card is out of the upper limit of the loan. And like the five loans, the original and interest numbers deserved by the bank are gradually reduced as the installments are repaid.

Rocky Offer:

Various offers are available on credit cards. For example- ‘Cash Back Offer’, ‘Special Discount’. Special discounts are often offered when traveling abroad or using credit cards at a hotel. Special discounts are also available for the time to get an electric bill while cutting a train or plane ticket.

Let’s say the customer has taken the credit card of a particular offer. But during use, it seems that the debt burden is high. Then the card can be changed to another offer credit card. In this case, it may cost a little more. However, at the end of the day, it will be profitable for the customer.

Zero Balance:

If there is zero balance in the account, the customer can use a credit card.

Insurance facility:

Many times the bank offers insurance benefits to customers. So when getting the card in hand, you have to see if it is available. If so, the name of the nominee and the necessary information (address, e-mail, contact number, etc.) should be submitted to the bank. The name, address, and phone number of the insurance company that is giving coverage should also be kept to yourself.

Welcome Gift:

Bonus Rewards points, vouchers, discounts, etc., if the credit card is issued, the bank often gives a welcome gift to the customer.

Subsidies in fuel:

Many times the bank subsidizes customers at the cost of fuel. Every month a certain amount of money is given as a discount.


Many organizations give customers the opportunity to pay their monthly installment money through credit cards.


Most credit cards can be made from ATMs. However, the money taken on the credit card is considered a loan. As a result, the customer has to count the interest on that money. So if you do not need to read the credit card it is better not to get money from the ATM.


Interest-Free Time:

There is usually an opportunity to borrow free of interest from 20 to 20 days (banks or cards, especially less) after purchasing. Suppose someone made a credit card on a credit card at the shopping mall. Because the salary is still some days left. You have to market, but if you spend cash, there will be nothing! In such a situation, the credit card’s glory did not go from the bank account and the entire money was given by the credit card company. Behind it is the magic of ‘interest-free’ time. With this timeframe, you do not have to pay any interest if you take the money and return it. Of course, if there is no old loan on the customer’s credit card, then it is a benefit of it.

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