What is Electronics?

A branch of EE. Where the flow of electrons through a tube or a semiconductor device is discussed. it always deals with small-sized electrical appliances like computers, ICs (Integrated Circuits), etc. In 1904, John Ambrose Fleming invented a totally enclosed glass tube with two electrodes and was ready to transmit one-way electricity through it. So … Read more

Who can get a credit card?

Many people question that, who can get a MasterCard? Eligibility to urge a credit card is extremely common in Bangladesh. Only employees, businesses, es or another professional who have an income and valid tax. • TIN certificate • In case of employment, appointment letter or salary certificate and three months statement • Trade license for … Read more

How to apply for a student credit card

A student MasterCard may be a designated MasterCard for school students. With the assistance of this card, students can easily manage their monthly expenses. it’s basically a kind of MasterCard issued by banks that haven’t any income and are over 18 years aged. These cards are especially for college kids who are far away from … Read more

How To Get a Credit Card

Many banks and financial service providers in Bangladesh are currently providing Mastercard services. Let’s determine what’s a MasterCard, what percentage sorts of credit cards, the way to get a Mastercard, Mastercard costs, etc. What is a credit card? A MasterCard is essentially a chip-based plastic card (usually) that contains the MasterCard holder’s name, MasterCard number, … Read more

What credit cards Offer

Many banks in Bangladesh offer discounts for credit cardholders Luxury accommodation with premium amenities. What is often used for ?: Dubai Resort & Spa Up to 30% discount on room rent The Palace Luxury Resort Up to 30% discount on room rent Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf Up to 55% discount on room rent … Read more