Types of automotive engineering jobs

Individuals who have earned an undergraduate degree in engineering or a related field are eligible to enter the workforce as engineers. the subsequent are common jobs that an aspiring engineer may pursue:

Automotive Engineering Technician

They’ll also test automobile parts and analyze them for efficiency and effectiveness.

Automotive Design Engineer

This type of engineer is primarily concerned with improving or designing various aspects of an automobile. An understanding of both the aesthetic qualities of a vehicle also because the materials and engineering needed to style it is imperative for these professionals.

Introduction of Automobile or Vehicle:


An Automobile may be a self-propelled vehicle that contains the facility source for its propulsion and is employed for carrying passengers and goods on the bottom, like cars, buses, trucks, etc.,


Types of Automobile;

The automobiles are classified by the subsequent ways,


  1. On the idea of Load:
  • Heavy transport vehicle (HTV) or heavy automobile (HMV),
  • Light transport vehicle (LTV), Light automobile (LMV),
  1. On the idea of Wheels :
  • Two-wheeler vehicles, for instance: Scooter, motorcycle, scooter, etc.
  • Three-wheeler vehicle, for instance: Autorickshaw,
  • Four wheeler vehicles, for instance: Car, jeep, trucks, buses, etc.
  • Six-wheeler vehicles, for instance: Big trucks with two gear axles.
  1. On the idea of Fuel Used:
  • Petrol vehicles, e.g. motorcycle, scooters, cars, etc.
  • Diesel vehicles, e.g. trucks, buses, etc.
  • The electric vehicles which use battery to drive.
  • Steam vehicle, e.g. an engine that uses an external combustion engine.
  • Gas vehicle, e.g.
  1. On the idea of body style:
  • Sedan Hatchback car.
  • Coupe car beach wagon Convertible.
  • Van Special purpose vehicle, e.g. ambulance, milk van, etc.
  1. On the idea of Transmission:
  • Conventional vehicles with the manual transmission, e.g. cars with 5 gears.
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic: In an automatic drive, gears aren’t required to be changed manually.
  1. On the idea of Drive:
  • left drive
  • right drive
  1. On the idea of a live axle
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • All-wheel drive
  1. Position of Engine:


  • Engine ahead – Most of the vehicles have engines within the front. Example: most of the cars,
  • The engine within the Rear Side only a few vehicles have engines located within the rear.


What Are the various sorts of automotive technology Jobs?

Electrical, software, and mechanical safety are common categories for automotive technician jobs, but each specific function within those categories could also be very different.

Product engineers are typically responsible for testing and altering mechanical components of the vehicle, like the brakes.  All the while, notes are made from what changes got to be made before the parts can safely be placed on a vehicle that is sold to the general public. this is often one of the foremost important automotive technology jobs because not only do these engineers got to make certain the parts fit within strict safety guidelines but also that they’re appropriate for everyday use.

These engineering jobs use designs given to them and find out the way to make the required parts correctly. repeatedly, designs may have to be tweaked and altered throughout the building process to form the practical and price-effective. it’s the overall responsibility of producing engineers to spot necessary changes and make them.


Key skills for automotive engineers

To become an engineer, you’ll need:

  • effective technical and problem-solving skills
  • commercial awareness
  • good attention to detail
  • creativity
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • presentation skills
  • analytical skills
  • good organizational skills


Typical employers of automotive engineers


  • tire manufacturers
  • specialist vehicle design companies
  • research/test laboratories
  • motorsport teams
  • oil and fuel companies
  • suppliers.

Self-employment via consultancy and contract work is feasible for people with several years of relevant experience. The Engineering and Professional Engineering and their online equivalents.


There are mainly three sorts of automotive engineers:


Design Engineers: they’re liable for the planning aspect of a vehicle. Simply put, they create the vehicle to look good.

Production Engineers: Their responsibilities include ensuring the method of manufacture goes smoothly. this suggests that they’re involved within the design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all processes within the manufacture of vehicles.




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