How do colors to your wall?

If your plain, blank walls are boring, you can make them more creative with a few simple tricks. Here are some patterns to make your walls look trendy

Honeycomb or honeycomb pattern

No doubt arranging the hexagonal patterns as such will give the room a fun and emotional vibrancy. You can use complementary colors in the interior of the room and use brighter colors for the children’s bedrooms and a low-rise shade for the living or dining area.

Gingham style or striped style

The characteristic striped wall color will give the room a rustic sweetness and pleasant liveliness The key to a successful striped wall feature is carefully selecting shades, planning the painting, and keeping the lines straight.

Orange Peel

Besides orange, you can take your favorite color and create many different shades of it by continuously mixing white paint. This can be an easy and fun way to add a splash of color to an otherwise gloomy corner

Vivid stripes

Painting vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls gives any room a spacious look Prepare for the project by measuring, marking, and taping the walls

Wall texture paints
Texture paint, unlike regular paint, gives your walls a slightly uneven and grainy look It creates a rustic appeal on the walls that is much nicer than wallpaper or any type of paint finish To get this look you can select simple color swatches for an accent wall that features beautiful texture. Because textured focal walls can create shadow, depth, and structure in a bedroom beautifully and distinctively, people prefer to use textured paints on the focal wall – usually in the context of the headrest.

Types of wall texture paints
Endianness Texture: Apart from taking handicrafts from different states and ethnically decorating your home, you can now also bring in an Indian feel by using texture paint – be it fabric, textiles, or any other material for your walls.

Mosaic Texture: This texture gives a tile-like appearance This is done, using the combing texture application technique, where tools such as combs or stencils are used to create patterns such as zigzags, checkerboards, wavy lines, or swirls of wet paint to achieve the desired effect.
Rustic texture: To bring a cool, unrefined feel to your bedroom, dip a sack in paint, squeeze out the excess paint, and roll it up the wall for an uneven look.
Brick Texture: On the original wall, a brick texture can be created by dipping a stencil roller in thick paint and rolling it over the wall to create a brick-like pattern.

Marble Texture: To give your walls a Victorian-era look, choose marble texture. This can be done with techniques such as buffing, where a glaze is applied to a wall, over which, before it dries, a plastic sheet is placed.
Faux leather: You can choose wallpaper-like crocodile skin to add texture to a clean, artsy space. Dark colors with a slight sheen will be the perfect addition to open spaces
Neutral Glass cloth: These wallpapers bring texture as well as some warmth, because of the natural fibers they are made from. Ideal for cozy layouts, it is a must-have material for small living rooms
Things to know about wall texture paint

In general, four types of texture paint are available: tactile, natural, artificial, and visual. When mixing one with the other, they provide more diverse options
To get the best look it is important to sand-paper the walls before applying the texture paints. Applying a primer is also important to get the desired finish
Textures, simple strokes of color, can be easily done using rollers and stencils or with objects like stone and wood.
Before applying the wall paint texture, it is mandatory to scrub the wall to remove any glue, broken pieces, and other solid particles.
If there are many ways to scrub the walls, the easiest way is to use a sugar soap solution. You can mix some sugar soap with water and apply it to the wall a few times to get a clean wall.

Wall painting ideas for your home
Another way to dress up your walls is to put some beautiful wall paintings on them that harmonize with the overall feel of the space. This type of wall painting can be selected according to your budget, while there are many affordable wall paintings available online. You are some familiar shills You can also choose Par works if you think they will go well with your home décor Check out some of the most common wall paintings that can go with any type of interior:

Should you buy vertical or upright paintings?
The current markets are flooded with vertical or upright paintings Due to the range of options available, they are now the most trending in terms of design and working qualities These types of vertical paintings are available in a variety of themes, such as landscape, love, religion, flowers, famous towers/buildings, wildlife, etc. However, before purchasing any type of vertical painting online, make sure about the size of the wall you want to put it on. If confused about the size, you can select common sizes, which are easily available online


Paints and finishes for home wall colors
Once you are done selecting the wall colors, you need to be sure which paint is best for your home. The type of paint you choose is just as important as the color itself and can have a significant impact on the final look of your home, the quality of the paint job and the overall vibrancy you want to achieve. When deciding on the type of paint, it’s important to consider factors such as how big the room is, where the room is located, and what kind of look you’re going for.

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